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Trivia Game Show

Entertainment for residents at senior home facilities.

Our game shows are so fun and engaging! Residents will want to play again and again!

Text Breakers hosts interactive game shows at senior living facilities for residents. 

Works great for those looking to keep active and entertained. 

Trivia content is customized to be played by all ages and abilities so no one is left out!

Example games include custom trivia, movies, music, drawing, and more.

Each game has different questions and answers. 

For Bookings:

Contact Text Breakers

Email: info@textbreakers.com

Office: 215-613-9484


Bring residents together to encourage socialization and a sense of community.


Residents play various trivia games used to stimulate and improve their memory.



Residents interact with the host throughout the entire show while he bring humor and excitement to everyone playing. 

A Great Time For Everyone!

All the residents can be involved to make this a very engaging social activity.


How long is the show?

The show itself is 1 hour long. However, the host arrives 30 minutes prior to setup the equipment and it takes another 30 minutes to break down.

What is the ideal setting for the show?

We ask to be in a large room that can accommodate all of the players. Ideally, this would be similar to a community room. The room will also need a large TV that everyone can see.

How many players can compete at one time?

We can accommodate up to 5 players per team, using a maximum of 10 buzzers. Teams do not have to be equal in size however, each player can only participate on one team.

Are the questions and answers suitable for all players?

Yes. Our team works hard to ensure that all of the questions and answers are appropriate and general to fit the demographics of everyone.

Do people who don't play still enjoy watching others play?

Yes, people can watch and not play. They often are included in the bantering and joking regardless if they're playing or not.

How often is new content created?

We are constantly creating new content, so there are always new games to play. We make sure that our players always have something new and exciting to experience.


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