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Comedy Trivia Game Show

Nothing brings students together like trying to beat another team at trivia and the pros at Text Breakers have it down to a science.

They’ll host an energetic, 60 minute text message game show that is fun for every team competing.

The audience also plays throughout the event by guessing through texts that are displayed for everyone to see.

Designed to bring students out of their comfort zones, Text Breakers plays hilarious texting games and competitions similar to popular TV game shows and spans more genres than just trivia.

There are games based on drawing, improv acting, and so much more.

Events have been previously hosted around the country for smaller crowds all the way up to large auditoriums full of hundreds of students!

Regardless of the size, the same level of intensity and excitement is felt as you’ll see when Text Breakers comes to your campus.

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Your students will sense the excitement of the game show from start to finish in anticipation of watching everyone’s answers


Students tune out the second something doesn’t interest them. But if it involves them, they will be glued to their seats


Students can be very creative so some of the answers and are hilarious and will have the students dying with laughter

A Great

Time For Everyone

All the students can be involed to make this a very engaging game show

"The staff all LOVED it! I really needed that and he [Steve] was awesome...made me feel like I was a part of a TV show! My first one!”

Karen D. Philadelphia, PA

"Text Breakers just hosted a game for my family and me via Zoom. It's SO much fun!"

Colleen H. Philadelphia, PA

"The kids had a great time! Something different from them in these unprecedented times"

Markida P.  Illinois

“We all had a ball! I just texted my Principal this would be great for our school.”

Kim R. Philadelphia, PA

"I think the team really needed to have a laugh. The game was so much fun! Thanks again, hopefully, we can give this a shot in person soon.“

Rene M, The Container Store GM, Philadelphia, PA

“It was fun and would love it in person! It was so much fun seeing everyone! Thank you, Steve, well done!”

Grace H. Philadelphia, PA

"Steve was a great host! He did a great job interacting with the students and brought along humor to add to the show. It was a fantastic program that I will be recommending to my colleagues at other IU campuses."

Amanda V. Indiana University

“Text Breakers was phenomenal! Our students, faculty, staff had a wonderful time as did Steve. My coworkers and I are still reminiscing on the time we had!”

Shaina F., Johnson & Wales University

“Thank you for another great event! My manager was watching as well and texted me that “the host is great”. We’ll definitely have you back again and again. Consider it a standing invite. Thank you again.”

Kelly S, Germanna Community College

Text Breakers

College Game Show

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