A Hilarious Game Show That Involves Your Entire Audience

An Experience That Can Be Customized

To Fit The Theme Of Your Event

Nothing brings people together like trying to beat another team at trivia

And the pros at Text Breakers have it down to a science.

They’ll host an energetic, team-building event that is fun for the selected participants, and also the audience who can guess by text.

Never A Dull Moment

When these all-star hosts take the stage, the entire room will be smiling and engaged.

Text Breakers games are similar to popular TV game shows and span more genres than just trivia.

There are games based on drawing, charades, acting, and more. And the audience won’t be left out, they get to participate the entire way through texting on their mobile phones.

Ah, the wonders of modern technology!

Corporate Events

This can be a standalone show or a perfect emcee experience to keep your audience engaged for your entire event.


College Events

All college inquiries must be booked through Text Breakers.

Private Parties

Regardless of the size of your event, we can host an entertaining show that involves everyone.

Wedding Festivities

This is a great way for the couple to share funny stories relating to the questions we are asking.

Live Shows

Virtual Shows

Text Breakers

“The Perfect Team Building Experience”

We provide fun games for a unique group experience. It’s a great way to bring people together while having fun at the same time. We provide multiple game shows for an interactive experience with your entire audience.

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Live Experience

Nothing compares to the experience of a live game show at your event.

Virtual Experience

The virtual show is just as fun. Everyone gets involved from the start.

Custom Tailored

Do you need us to customize the game show for your event? We do that too.


Audience Interaction

Did we mention how the game show can involve your entire audience?

How It Works

We Ask For Volunteers

Although your entire audience can be involved, we will hand out a few game show buzzers for the volunteers that want to come on stage. These will be the people who are going to draw, hum, and test their trivia skills…

Start The Game

Your audience will play games like…

“Guess The Drawing”

“Hum That Tune”


And more

Enjoy The Laughs

Everyone gets to text their answers from their phone and it shows up on the stage screen.  Imagine the laughs from everyone’s answers. People will still be laughing long after the event is over.


It was wonderful. The team had a great time. Lots of team building and we would love to have him back for another event.

Kim Benner

CEO, Salsburry Behavioral Health

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